Growing Mindful Card Deck
Growing Mindful Card Deck
Growing Mindful Card Deck
Growing Mindful Card Deck
Growing Mindful Card Deck

Growing Mindful Card Deck

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This favorite resource for therapists, educators, parents, and kids, makes teaching and incorporating mindfulness into your home, classroom, and therapy session super easy and fun. Now in its 2nd Edition -- the updated Growing Mindful card deck features 56 unique mindfulness activities that teach awareness, how to be present in the moment, and cultivate kindness & curiosity. Perfect for all ages!

What is Mindfulness & How to Make the Most of this Deck

Mindfulness itself is a challenge to define, let alone start practicing. That's why we made the original Growing Mindful deck before there was really any other deck like it on the market -- to help you spark your practice with how handy and accessible these cards are to use and share with others. We've heard it said that mindfulness is neither hard nor easy, but it's remembering to be mindful that's hard!

We think of mindfulness as: 

  1. Awareness
  2. Of present moment experience
  3. With kindness and curiosity.

These together are the main ingredients. We can practice these together or each individually, which is how these cards work. Some cards teach awareness, others help us make present-moment contact still others cultivate kindness and curiosity, and many bring these elements together.

In this second edition, you will find more attention on how to apply mindfulness practices in daily life, as well as find new practices to enhance your ability to take mindful action in a world that increasingly needs each of us to pitch in and bring increased awareness and compassion to our own and everyone's lives.

With Growing Mindful you can practice with the cards alone, or share them with others. Perhaps drawing a card as a morning check-in for yourself, perhaps as a settling practice between transitions in your classroom, at the start of a therapy session or end of a yoga class, or in a moment of pause before a meal, bedtime, or another time of the day. How you use the deck is entirely up to you!

If you are playing with kids, it can be fun to ask them to do the practices for up to a minute as a group, while one child or adult acts as “Dr. Distracto” trying to pull their attention away from the present moment. Whether in classrooms or living rooms, kids and adults can use the deck to develop their mindfulness skills together, deepening awareness and connecting. A few cards require a prop such as a bell, a music player, or a bite of food, and some need a little room for movement or space. If you don’t have those things handy, or if some practices aren’t right for you, feel free to set those cards aside.

c. 2019

About the Authors: 

Christopher Willard, PsyD, is an expert on mindfulness with young people, having trained thousands of professionals and young people on the practice and benefits of mindfulness. He is a psychologist and consultant working individually as well as consulting with schools, hospitals, and other organizations. He is the author of multiple books on psychology, child development, contemplative practice and more. Dr. Willard is the president of the Mindfulness in Education Network and serves on the board of directors at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. 

Mitch Abblett, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical administrator, supervisor and trainer. He has appeared on local and regional television programs in New England and has written in professional periodicals regarding children’s mental health needs. Abblett serves as the Clinical Director of Judge Baker Children’s Center’s Manville School, a well-established therapeutic day school for special education children with significant learning, emotional and behavior challenges.

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