Just One Thing Card Deck
Just One Thing Card Deck
Just One Thing Card Deck
Just One Thing Card Deck
Just One Thing Card Deck

Just One Thing Card Deck

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We are so busy these days that it’s great to have just one thing to focus on: a simple theme to reflect on and be inspired by. Each card offers a quick and easy tool—grounded in brain science, positive psychology, and contemplative training—that, over time, produces powerful results.

Evolutionary neuropsychology has shown that the ancient circuits in our brains dictate our reactions to the external forces around us. With the power of modern neuroscience, we can take charge of the brain and gradually change it for the better.

That’s the promise of Just One Thing cards: with persistent practice, you’ll be gradually strengthening your neural pathways of happiness, love, and wisdom—building your own “Buddha Brain” of more peace, greater inner strength and confidence, and an unshakable sense of contentment and worth.

Just One Thing cards can be used in a variety of ways: 

  • As a private practice—spread the deck and choose a card to work with for the day or the week. Place it somewhere as a daily reminder. Commit to practicing the suggestions on the card once, twice, or a few times each day, during your regular meditation practice, or in those “extra spaces” during the day.
  • As a partner practice—with a friend or spouse, choose a card to work with for the week and commit to practicing that skill on each other and in other relationships. Reflect on how this affects your relationship(s) over time. Share these experiences during the week or after the period is finished. You may want to swap cards, continue the practice, and share ideas on how your experiences were similar or different. This can be a great tool to use when relationships experience difficulties or challenges, as it helps you open up to the other person in creative, positive ways.
  • As a group practice—this works great for families, community organizations, workplaces, and therapy groups. Have each person take a card, read it, and reflect on what it means for them (orally or privately). Commit to the practice for a week, both within the community and in the larger sphere of one’s life. Come back together in a deliberate way to share and discuss your experiences.

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