Mindfulness Skills for Kids
Mindfulness Skills for Kids
Mindfulness Skills for Kids
Mindfulness Skills for Kids
Mindfulness Skills for Kids
Mindfulness Skills for Kids

Mindfulness Skills for Kids

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52 exercises and practices to help kids calm their mind and body, pay attention, become more self-aware, feel happier and confident, connect with others and have fun. The deck can also be used as card games (based on popular children's games) that encourage kids to practice a mindfulness skill each time they win a hand. Great for therapists, teachers, and parents.

Perfect for ages 4 and up.

How to Use the Mindfulness Skills for Kids Card Deck

You can use these cards in many ways to help you become more self-aware, calm your mind and body, improve your mood, pay attention, connect with others, and have fun.

Pick any card, read it and do what it says. You can do this by yourself, with friends and family, or in a therapy session.

Some of the cards require a prop such as a bubble, a tissue, or a bell. If you don't have these then use your imagination to pretend you are using them.

Mindful Games

You can play 3 mindful card games with these cards: Peace Talks, Go Within, and Mindful Rummy. These are based on games you may know: War, Go Fish, and Rummy. Have fun and use your imagination while you practice doing the mindfulness skills printed on the cards each time you make a match, win a hand, or lay down a set or run. The cards have 52 different mindfulness skills to play with!

As you play you will get to practice some of the skills over and over again. This will help you get better at doing them. Pay attention to how the other players do the skills. There are lots of fun ways to do them.

As you try each skill think about what it feels like to do it. Then figure out when you could use that skill in your real life and how it might help you feel calmer, less stressed, happier, more focused, self-aware, confident, and friendly.

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About the Author

Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN, is an international expert on mindfulness and ADHD, a bestselling, award-winning author, licensed clinical social worker, and board-certified neurofeedback practitioner. She is a pioneer in using mindfulness skills to improve mental health, teaching professionals and clients how to successfully integrate these practices into their lives and work. 

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