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Make Everything You Learn In Therapy count
The Between Sessions Journal

Therapy sessions can be transformative. But memories fade much more quickly than most people realize. Studies suggest that depending on the relevance of the information, you forget 50% to 65% of what you heard within 24 hours.

That's why we created the Between Sessions Journal, where clients are asked to answer eight questions about the previous session within 24 hours and then respond to thought-provoking prompts which can be brought up at the next session. Our pocket-sized journal is always on hand for clients to record their thoughts, feelings, moods, and progress. It's spiral bound for easy writing.

The 4 X 6 inch, 180 pp journal is just $14.95

Also available in packs at a discount.

Get Better Compliance with your Psychological Assignments
Write Your Clients a Prescription for Change

Studies tell us that therapy assignments can improve outcomes by more than 30%. But sometimes therapists and counselors don't impart the importance of carrying out these assignments. Our prescription pad adds import to every assignment, and also provides a place for clients to write down their reactions to carrying out the assignments. These pads are sold in a set of 3 pads (50 pp each pad) for $19.95.

Life Changing Card Deck and Ebook
50 Psychological Techniques in Your Pocket

We've taken 50 of the commonly prescribed therapeutic activities and created a pocket-sized card deck for therapy on the go. Each card describes a psychological technique and then gives an assignment on the other side of the card. The card deck comes with a workbook that can be instantly downloaded upon purchase. Just $15.95 for the card deck and eBook.

Start the Day in the Most Positive Way Possible
Loving Kindness Mug

What better way to start the day then with our Loving Kindness Meditation Mug, Our large ceramic mug is perfect for your favorite morning beverage, but more importantly, it will remind of the importance of having a positive and forgiving attitude towards yourself and others throughout the day.

Developed by Mental Health Professionals

Every one of our tools has been developed by a mental health professional using the latest research on behavioral change.

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If there is ever a problem, you can count on our customer service team to make it right. Our customer service team normally resolves any issue in just a few hours.

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